Selling For More - Virtual Seminar

Stay tuned for our next seminar!

Before you make any decisions on your home's sale, join us for a VIRTUAL seminar hosted by the DKG listing team! If you're considering selling now or in the future, this is your no-fail first step to achieving the highest return on your investment even during a pandemic. Come meet the team and learn:

  • Why selling now- while social distancing- may be a smart move for you
  • How pre-planning sets you up for success and our proven roadmap on what to tackle first
  • Virtual strategies to market your home
  • Which renovations net sellers the highest return on investment
  • An understanding of today's millennial buyer and what they're shopping for
  • Real-time updates from our top local listing agents on the latest housing market and pricing trends
  • How to conquer home renovations painlessly
  • Top recommendations for 2020 from our in-house interior designers
  • Why getting started now, regardless of your timeframe, will help put you at the front of the line the meantime check out our transformations and track record! 



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